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Please Read This Before Bringing Your Ferret Home

Just about everyone loves animals when they are young and would love to bring them home to cuddle and play with. Animals don't remain tiny and cuddly for long, they mature and like humans, need constant care and medical attention.

Please Do some research about the animal you intend to add to your family before you buy it. This should be a commitment for the life of the animal and not a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Animals become attached to a person or family, just like we do, and can suffer emotionally and physically when given away. Think how you would feel if you were ripped out of your home and away from the people you love, to be stuck in a cage or forced to live with a bunch of strangers. It's not a pleasant thought and unlike us, animals can die when this happens to them.

Ferrets, even though they are becoming popular as a family pet, aren't accepted in most animal shelters like cats and dogs. They are usually euthanized because these pounds don't have the facilities for holding them. They must be taken to a ferret shelter and most are overcrowded because their owners don't have the time for them or move into an appartment or state that doesn't allow ferrets.

Ferrets are also prone to several diseases that will be expensive to cure or control. This doesn't mean that all ferrets will have diseases, but many will and you have to be prepared for the vet bills.

Most of us know that we have to move breakable objects from the reach of babies and animals, but with ferrets we have to go a step further. Because of their size, ferrets are able to get into places that cats and dogs wouldn't dream of going. These little guys love to explore and search out new places to hide all the goodies they collect. Unfortunately some of these places can be very dangerous and cause your ferret harm or even death.

Never open a recliner or convertible couch when your ferret is in the room.

Check your laundry before putting it in the washer or dryer.

Make sure your ferret isn't hiding in the trash before sealing the bag.

It's always nice to have a midnight snack but that refrigerator would make a lovely place to hide the socks you removed last night and your ferret could crawl inside to hide them behind the milk carton.

They are called carpet sharks for a reason, don't step on that bump that seemed to appear overnight in the middle of your living room or hallway.

Ferrets are wonderful animals and make great pets, in fact they are my favorite animal, but unless you know what to expect please think twice before bringing one home.

Ferret proof your house.

Have a savings account set aside for the vet bills.

Don't get a ferret if you have young children. The child can harm your ferret without meaning to.

Have a nice sized cage for your ferret to sleep in at night. Just like cats and dogs, ferrets can't be kept in a cage all the time, they must be able to run around at least 3 or more hours a day. A cage is needed when you aren't around or sleeping for the safety of your ferret.