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ferret line

Hello fellow ferret lovers. Welcome to my home away from home. Before we begin, I'd like to thank Jen Freeman for all of her time and patience, without her help, I wouldn't be here.
I'd also like to thank Regina Foran for all her help gathering medical facts and Shelter information.

Below you will find pictures of my little sweethearts. I have eighteen little carpet sharks, that bring love and joy in my home and heart. Everyone should have the experience of sharing their home with one of these delightful animals. They live life to it's fullest, just watching them do their silly weasel war dance, brings a smile to your face. When they climb into your lap and reach up to give you a little kiss on the cheek, the heaviest of heart will melt.
Those of you who already have ferrets, know what I'm talking about. If you could spread the word, maybe the states that ban ferrets would realize that they are not the wild, vicious creatures they think. They are sweet, intelligent pets that everyone should have the right to share their homes with. No matter where they live.

Okay, enough said on the legalization of ferrets. After my ferrets' introduction, I have some instructions on how to teach your ferret some tricks.
I've had great success with training my little guys. Some ferrets will catch on right away. Others will have new hiding places on their minds, and it might take a little longer.
Don't get discouraged, and don't give up. They will eventually come around. They may even teach you a couple of new tricks in the process.
Now on to my babies...

ferret line

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